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The Internet of Nanoscale Things (IoNT) is already well on the way to reality, with smart interconnected devices at the nanoscale. The IoNT will possibly have biggest impacts in medicine where smart devices will precisely deliver medications, although manufacturing applications abound as well. This memorable name would be perfect for a smart nanoscale devices business or reference site. 

Projections of the industrial importance of the Internet of Nanoscale Things is found in this expert report. This scientific preprint provides an in-depth look at the probably applications of the Internet of Nanoscale Things.

ThingsNano.com is a memorable combination of two descriptive words to define this area. It would perfectly suit a nanotechnology startup, especially one with interest in smart connected nanoscale devices.  It of course could also be used by a research consortium, consultant, writer, trade publication, reference site, etc. in nanoscale technology.

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